Become a Champion   |   Help build the world's first fully-integrated Global Resource Centre for the benefit of all nations   |   The 2014 Summit will be hosted by the American Military University (AMU) in Charles Town, West Virginia, USA   |    Collaborative, hands-on sessions will be facilitated by renowned Canadian consensus builders, CT Labs   |   Network with law enforcement, NGO and victim support specialists from across the globe   |   Join us and make this important initiative a reality

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Phase 2 Global initiative Cross-sector connected partnership Stop human trafficking


Welcome to the second collaborative International Summit on combatting Human Trafficking

Summit 2014We look forward to you joining us for one of the most stimulating, invigorating and connected events aimed at promoting best practice and cross-border collaboration in the ongoing, global fight to end human trafficking.

The inaugural Summit - held in Ottawa: Canada’s national capital, in November 2013 - comprised Phase One of a four-part program to build the world's first International Resource and Coordination Centre to combat Human Trafficking.

Phase Two is already underway and involves the Gap Action Teams (GAT) - volunteer working groups formed following last November’s Summit. They are working diligently to address the needs expressed by our community of delegates during the Summit’s three days of intensive workshops. Each working group is drawing on specific outcomes from workshop sessions to address the International Resource and Coordination Centre’s future needs in areas such as research, information management, communications and optimum structure.

The Centre’s vision and mission statement has also been developed and ratified by the community. The outcome of Phase Two – the working groups’ recommendations - will be shared at the 2014 Summit to be held in Charles Town, West Virginia in November 2014.

An invited panel of expert speakers will contribute specialist insights to develop solutions to the key challenges identified by the working groups. This specialist expertise, coupled with a stimulating program of practical, delegates workshops, will shape the critical next steps necessary to bring about Phase Three - the physical realization of this ground-breaking international Resource Centre.

With this world-leading borderless Centre in place, we can accelerate bringing an end to the untold suffering endured by our world's poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

We look forward to welcoming you in November 2014. In the interim, why not join the conversation on our supportive, knowledgeable Together Let’s Stop Traffick network on LinkedIn.

Thank you for helping make this important mission a reality.

Kim Derry

International Police
Training Institute

“Together Let’s Stop Traffick’ is an anti-Human Trafficking initiative led by the IPTI (International Police Training Institute), supported by the FBI NAA (National Academy Associates) and hosted by the American Military University.


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American Military University is a distinguished university providing quality and career-relevant online education to motivated students worldwide. [More]


The Summit will be a collaborative, international three-day working conference, where the views and expertise of speakers are actively sought to inform and ignite the conversations of the working groups.  By Summit close, we hope to have developed the definitive technical and operational specification for the world's first fully-connected, 24/7 International Resource and Coordination Centre. [More]


Summit attendees will be drawn from the worlds of law enforcement, border agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), health, communications, legal, finance, transportation, logistics and victim support to name but a few.


The IPTI team is actively seeking commercial partners to champion and help fund this ambitious and potentially world-changing Global Resource Centre and the collaborative process designed to develop it.



An event of this scale and significance requires extensive expertise and assistance provided by a wide range of companies, and volunteers.

As not-for-profit organizations, The IPTI operate within extremely modest budgets, and we are therefore hugely grateful to: [More]